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SE7EN_Heaven // Ver.3:The One

:·.☆ if I could ever be...

♡ The SE7EN Fan Community ♡
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small note from the mod: This is just a simple update concerning rules of this community~
I'm quite easy going as far as community moderators go.
I don't mind you advertising your new community here, but only if it's something to do with Korean pop. Asian pop in general is ok too. But nothing else, please. No rating comms etc.. thank you.

Also, when taking part in discussions, I request that you respect the opinions of fellow members. If you don't like a conversation then step away from it. If you don't agree with another person's opinions then don't comment. Yes, there are inevitabley going to be fangirls at this community. If you don't like that, you are of course under no obligation to join.
I can't stand people who flame or rant in communities, even mildy. So please, none of it, or I WILL ban your ass. >o

As long as you keep to these very reasonable rules, you'll have fun here! =D

S E 7 E N

a b o u t