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Hi everyone, this is the moderator of se7en_heaven.

As many of you may have noticed I have not been tending to this community for a long time (check out the skewy layout xD).
This is because I haven't used LJ for a long time due to constraints on my time. Though I'm still  a fan of SE7EN, I'd like somebody else to moderate this community. Yes, that's right, I actually feel so bad about this that I am coming on here to say this..

If anyone is interested in being a moderator, please e-mail me at cutiehuni@gmail.com

For the sake of the community members, it would be good for you to have some html skills, and be a responsible user of LJ. Though there is not much way I can prove you may be the later, I will be checking out your profiles if you want the job. ;)
Oh, and obviously you must be a big fan of the man himself! That's all I ask. ^^

Now that that's off my chest, I can finally get a good nights sleep. XD

Thank you all so much for supporting this community despite the way I have neglected it the last couple of years!
When I set this community up, it was the only SE7EN community on LJ, and I'm really happy to see how it's still active. :) Even though I'm passing the reigns on, I hope everyone will carry on supporting SE7EN and this community.

Thank you guys :)
Becki xx
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