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[RP COMM] Ikemen Paradise

Ikemen paradise is an Asian High School AU Role Play based on the hit JDrama, Hana Kimi.

Ichiki High School, set in Okinawa, Japan, is an Exclusive boys' school known for hosting the best-looking gentlemen of Asia. A renowned boarding school, Ichiki houses a number of the country’s talented youth in the different fields, such as Academics, Sports and many more.

The dormitories are divided into five, separated according to the top interests and learning styles of the students residing within the school. The five dormitories are often to compete against each other in different school-sanctioned events, all for a grandeur of prizes.

Ichiki High School is the ideal learning center for gifted individuals, providing the students with the most top of the line equipment and facilities.

Open to the community are muses ranging from all over asia, provided that they are asian.

Feel free to check us out at ikemenparadise
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