up all night to get loki (halffling) wrote in se7en_heaven,
up all night to get loki

Synergy, Climax and Renovatio Present...

FRIDAY, MAY 23rd, 2008
SE7EN in San Francisco!
1015 Folsom St.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

For more information, visit SynergySF.com. It's a 21+ event.

If you'd like to purchase pre-sale tickets, visit here! ($21.95 USD)
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Wow that sounds awesome, wish I could go, I'm around the area too.
Oh wow, the price went up O.O
sorry for my ignorance, but where can i find out about future dates?
i heard he'll visit t.o. and im wondering when and where? lol XD
No need to apologize, I don't know too much either ^^; His MySpace has listings for other places he'll be within the next few days... LA's the spot right now XD;

He'll be at Cerritos tomorrow doing an autograph signing, too :)